Online marketing

Online marketing represents a powerful and useful instrument which can be used in any campaign. Depending on the particularities of each client, Magenta Advertising offers online marketing strategies, and ensures their implementation and monitoring. By means of marketing activities in the online environment, the company's message reaches consumers more difficult to convert using classical means of communication and promotion. Moreover, these activities aim at improving the image of the company, at raising interest in its products and at increasing traffic, in the context of online presence.

It is clear that the online marketing means much more than a simple banner or a message sent to a database. It is about designing a set of tactics aimed at meeting the established objectives, depending on the public, the message or the product.

Social networks

For a website, the presence on social networks represents the access to an environment where our clients have access to virtual communities, where they can interact with a public ready to react. Social networks can add a concrete advantage over the concurrence, improved online visibility, direct access to the target public and an increased number of visitors on the site.

Dedicated sites

We have devised a great array of websites dedicated to our clients, as they represent an important opportunity to present to the consumers more information about products and services which need to be promoted. Dedicated websites are created and promoted independently of the main site, strictly for the products or services concerned. Sometimes, the design and functionality of the micro-site differ from that of the main site, but these are more oriented toward the meeting of independent objectives.

Dedicated sites are much easier to promote according to specific key words, and gradually they get to be present on the first page of results in the search engines.


Online banners are the correspondents of billboards or newspaper and magazine inserts, their purpose being to create traffic for the company's site. Banners represent a very strong promotional tool as they are noticed by many people and they help remembering the company's image. Their mode of operation is similar to that of traditional commercials: they inform the consumers about a product or a service and give reasons for which the consumer must choose that product. The difference is that they can aim better, depending on the consumers' interests. We offer our clients complete solutions for the banner campaigns: campaign concept, website selection for the placing of the banners, creation and design, monitoring and reporting the campaign's results.

Contextual advertising

We recommend contextual advertising to our clients interested to attract a considerable amount of possible clients on the website, according to the number of relevant key words. We have implemented for our clients campaigns based on three formats of contextual advertising: ads posted in several parts of the page, separated by the basic content; ads as pop-ups or integrated in the text. An online campaign based on contextual advertising has the advantage of offering maximum visibility with minimum costs and a total control on the daily/monthly budget allocated. (cost per click).


According to the specific of our client's business, we develop newsletter campaigns, sent to subscribers on a regular basis. Newsletters represent an efficient means of education and information for subscribers concerning the products, services, the company and its values. Also, newsletters can develop the company's image, by generating positive reactions from potential consumers.


Depending on the online marketing strategy defined for the online presence of the client, we can conceive and implement actions of promotion by less conventional methods, but more efficient: interactive applications (for instance, online games), thematic communication (seasonal campaigns), contests, viral ad campaigns, buzz marketing, permission marketing,

Moreover, we have realized for our clients animated e-cards, sent to subscribers on the occasion of different events. In the same period, our client's website too was personalized with graphic elements relating to the topic.

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