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Magnolia Communication,
the communication and public relations division of the holding, offers our clients consultancy services and communication strategies.

PR 2.0, or how to directly reach your consumers.

If PR 1.0 was all about transmitting a message to your consumers by means of a communication vector (journalist), who would process the information through a personal filter and then send it on, PR 2.0  represents a direct conversation with your public. The direct feedback of the consumers becomes vital in this relationship, and the communicator must show that feedback is important.


The blog has become lately one of the platforms used in the communication between companies and their public. From a consumer's perspective, the online presence of a company (website, blog, social network) is equivalent to a greater transparency and opening of the company concerned.

The blog can contain information and news about the company, about its products and services, but also opinions regarding the different events and tendencies characteristic to the domain of activity. One of the most important advantage brought by a blog in the life of a company is the bilateral communication: users can comment and offer feedback in real time.

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