Strategy and online consultancy

Magnolia Communication

Magnolia Communication,
the communication and public relations division of the holding, offers our clients consultancy services and communication strategies.

The success of our projects that aim at developing the online presence, as well as their interactive promotion, is based on the definition of a clear strategy. This one is established according to our client's communication objectives, starting from the establishing of a target public and from the suggestion of the most suitable channels of online communication.

During this whole process, we offer our clients continuous consultancy, throughout the whole period of collaboration. In addition to that, we manage all the aspects related to the online promotion and presence, by transforming our client's investment in a source of added value.

Our portfolio counts numerous examples of web projects which have contributed to the development and the success of our client's business.

The consultancy service also contains the stage of project planning. The chances a project has to succeed depend a great deal on the planning period and on the minuteness of the planning.

The planning will save time and money, by avoiding the loss of efficiency of the implementation team. The result of this stage is a project plan which includes detailed information about the informational architecture and the conceptual design.

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